About KSSP

Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad (KSSP) Kerala Sastra Sahitya Parishad is a People's Science Movement of Kerala, India. Founded in 1962. It started it's works at the science society interface with about 40 members as an organisation of science writers in Malayalam. Over the past four decades it has grown into a mass movement with a membership over 40000, distributed in more than two thousand units spread all over Kerala.

KSSP held that a privileged minority was monopolizing the benefits of science and technology for their own profit at the expense of the majority. KSSP chose as its mission, the challenge of arming the people with the tools of science and technology so that they can reverse this process. Thus in 1972, KSSP decided to become a People’s Science Movement and adopted “Science for Social Revolution” as its motto. The KSSP is involved, broadly in three types of activities: educative, agitate, and constructive, in areas like environment, health, education, energy, literacy, micro planning and development in general.

One of the awards received is Right Livelihood Award 1996 (often called ‘Alternative Nobel prize’) by right livelihood Award foundation (Stockholm, Sweden) for its pioneering work in the fields of health, peace development and education.

KSSP is publishing two Monthly magazines, Sastrakeralam (for Secondary School Students) and Sastragathi and a biweekly, Eureka (for Primary School Students). KSSP's major contribution is in publishing science books in Malayalam, more than 2000 titles already published.

Integrated Rural Technology Centre ( IRTC) has major contributions over various fields in Research & Developmental work. Educational Research Unit (ERU) is another research wing conducting studies in the area of educational policies, curriculum, teaching methods and teaching aids etc.

About Friends of KSSP

Friends of KSSP is a voluntary organization formed by former members of Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishad and active for the past eight years in various Emirates of UAE. Friends of KSSP organization works under the advice and support of the Kerala Sastra Sahithya Parishad . We are striving to take the message of Science, Environment Conservation, Child Centered Education and similar issues among the Gulf expatriates.

Balavedis (children platforms) are organized in order to promote the creative talents and scientific attitudes of the children. We also organize one day Children’s camp (changathikkottam ) with the objective of providing the children an interesting exposure to various aspects of Nature and Environment. Friends of KSSP is planning to organize a Children’s Science Congress this year in association with Dubai Municipality Environment Awareness Department. This program would provide opportunities to our students to develop their scientific, technical talents and experience the methodology of science.